Message to the HVAC/R sector by the Chairman of Ukraine’s Refrigeration Assoсiation

Serhii Anashkin, Chairman of the “Refrigeration Assoсiation of Ukraine”, delivered his significant message to the European RAC sector, particularly the main representatives of companies and associations, through ATF – Associazione Italiana Tecnici del Freddo.

President Anashkin has recently addressed the main RAC European companies twice, through open letters with two requests: to boycott the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, by suspending the sale and shipment of refrigeration equipment, components and finished products and to keep assisting and supporting the Ukrainian population, who often lack even essential services.

The Italian Association of Refrigeration acts as facilitator: any manufacturer, company, contractor who wants and can send help to Ukraine, please send an e-mail to

Anashkin has also prepared a short list of what’s needed the most in Ukraine: generators (1-5 kW, 10-20 kW), batteries, power banks (30.000 mAh), means of transportation (cars, vans, buses), medicine, first aid kits (especially for wounds), food and water.

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