Partnership 2019


Alternatively or additionally, you can promote your company’s products and services through advertisement pages on our printed magazine Industria&Formazione, which is published in #10 issues yearly


Adv module (cm. 12×7)         Euro 170,00 + 22% VAT
Job seeking module      Euro 200,00 + 22% VAT
1/2 page (cm. 21×13,5) Euro 650,00 + 22% VAT
1 page (cm. 21×29,7) Euro 1.200,00 + 22% VAT
Cover pages* Euro 1.800,00 + 22% VAT

*rear cover is already all-year booked

We offer special advantages for those who publish more than 5 advertisements per year. For example:

  1. FREE PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP (worth 5000 € + 22% VAT per year) for those who order 10 advs, 1 page
  2. FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP (worth 3000 € + 22% VAT per year) free for those who order 10 advs – annual publicity, 1/2 page

Features of our network, both online and offline:

  • Our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and online blog I&F Online ( reach more than 30.000 users, with 10.000 registered views per day
  • Our list of contacts that receive the monthly newsletter are 60.000+ spread all over Italy and Europe
  • More than 3.000 technicians visit our 15 branches across Italy every year; to view the list of participants in our courses please open our website and click on
  • To view examples of technical articles published on Industria&Formazione, open the website, click on “SOCI”, then “ARTICOLI” and select your category of choice. To access, please write to asking for login and password
  • Your logo will appear on the following informative material related to international events and conferences: programme of the event, leaflets and banners, online blog together with press releases, social medias, newsletters

In 2014 the first Italian HVAC blog was launched, I&FOnline ( In 2017 80.000 views, 50.000 visitors, technicians across Italy now read the blog. Each month we feature the most interesting and current news of the RAC sector, as our business is closely linked with the activities of Universities, research institutes, industries and most importantly both the UN and the most important international associations (ASHRAE, AREA, EPEE, Eurovent, etc.). You can view the previous international issues of CSG at the following links:

International Special Issue 2018
International Special Issue 2016*
International Special Issue 2014
International Special Issue 2012



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