A delegation from U-3ARC, visiting Danfoss Climate Solutions Headquarters

Madi Sakandé, President U-3ARC, Adlain Florent Eyarmwen Nkie Akan, Vice President U-3ARC, and Saïd El Harch, Secretary General U-3ARC, paid a courtesy visit to Sonderborg (Denmark) on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. and working at Danfoss Climate Solutions.

Tirelessly, U-3ARC continues its work to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of Africa, while overcoming the environmental challenges linked to refrigeration and air conditioning. They will see successes in energy efficiency, the green transition, sustainable refrigeration and even greater integration of women in the sector.

Welcomed by members of the general management of Danfoss Climate Solutions at its headquarters in Sonderborg, U-3ARC managers thank Ms. Andrea Voigt, Head of Global Public Affairs, who greatly contributed to the success of the visit. For U-3ARC, the trip was worth it to the world number 1 in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. Precisely, they hope for an even brighter sector in the short and medium term in Africa. At first glance, this is the start of a cooperation that will be fruitful.

Establish a cold chain that supports development

At Danfoss Climate Solutions, we are aware of the annual post-harvest food losses in sub-Saharan Africa which amount to 70%, or more than 400 million tons. Losses due to an inadequate or non-existent cold chain. Cooling and refrigeration are essential to prevent food loss, improve food security and ensure sustainable development on the African continent, members of the general management of Danfoss Climate Solutions have defended.

At the world headquarters of the sector leader RAC, discussions focused on the contours of a common objective capable of improving the capacities of technicians in the deployment of safe and sustainable refrigeration, as well as in energy efficiency in Africa.

Both parties, who recognized a common vision, in terms of training, education and gender diversity, must occupy a central place in the refrigeration sector to be able to exploit the enormous potential of refrigeration, in order to improve public health and the living conditions of millions of people.

With talks already underway, an MoU, in preparation, could be finalized and advance sustainable refrigeration.