AREA President Buoni, Casale Monferrato Mayor Riboldi, Refrigera Administrative Altamura, Lenarduzzi and Pinetti at the inauguration ceremony

The participation of Centro Studi Galileo in Refrigera 2021 was a resounding success: a constant full house at the over thirty meetings with experts and partners, with the flagship conference on November 4th and the highly appreciated continuous training sessions.

Our Sector has finally met again in Bologna at the first Italian fair entirely dedicated to industrial, commercial & logistic Refrigeration, after the almost two-year stop imposed by the pandemic.

As always, Centro Studi Galileo – CSG and Associazione Tecnici del Freddo – ATF participated in the event as absolute key players, with a rich program of continuous events that allowed the public to perfect and deepen their knowledge on RAC topics, thanks to the many interventions of CSG Trainers and top experts from associations and partner companies, who every day contributed to supporting CSG in its relentless mission of sharing knowledge.

Key event of the exhibition was CSG-ATF’s Conference taking place on Thursday 4th November, under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition: it welcomed speeches by sixteen speakers including EPEE and key contractors’ Associations, who offered the audience an absolutely comprehensive overview on the current situation in the sector, including the topical discussion on climate change – which starting from Glasgow at COP26 is still the core of many debates around the world.

CSG has been working with the United Nations for over 15 years, with the aim to solve these problems with knowledge sharing, education and awareness rising on the importance of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps, which together take up to 25% of electricity consumption in industrialized countries. Centro Studi Galileo has also participated in the pre-COP26, which this year took place in Milan.


The Conference at Refrigera presented the conclusions of the 19th European Conference that Centro Studi Galileo organizes every two years with the United Nations, which took place in June 2021 and for three days hosted, from the Politecnico di Milano and remotely, over forty speakers from every corner of the world.

The short training sessions that were taking place every hour at CSG-ATF’s booth were also highly appreciated: one-hour in-depth analyses by CSG-ATF experts and partners at the booth’s dedicated area, that for all three days welcomed hundreds pf technicians and operators of the sector, who’re always keen on learning more about the latest updates on regulations, refrigerants, recovery and recycling, components and tools, to improve their knowledge. All thirty presentations were broadcast in live streaming on the official page of Centro Studi Galileo.

In particular the presentations by CSG Director and AREA President, Marco Buoni, also among the co-organizers of the event, raised great interest among the public, providing an up-to-date and precise picture of the regulatory framework in force, its past and future developments.

Great success also for the Casale Capitale del Freddo” project, of which CSG has been co-founder and operational partner since the beginning: the Mayor of Casale Monferrato, Federico Riboldi, who has always been extremely active in the development of the town’s industrial center, was present at the booth and event’s inauguration, contributing to promote and develop one of the most prosperous lands for this sector.

The appointment is therefore set for 2023, with the already announced third edition of Refrigera: once again, Centro Studi Galileo and Associazione Tecnici del Freddo will be at the forefront to spread and develop the culture of Refrigeration.