Meeting with UNEP OzonAction: Rosie Evans, Steve Comstock, Silvia Romanò,
James S. Curlin (Head of OzonAction), Sonja Wagner, Marco Buoni

On January 12th, Marco Buoni – CEO of Centro Studi Galileo, Secretary General of ATF and Past President of AREA with international affairs mandate, met in Paris with UNEP OzonAction and IIF-IIR, to discuss forthcoming collaborations and the preliminary organization of the 20th edition of the renowned UNEP-IIR-AREA-CSG European Conference.

The intense meeting agenda with the United Nations Environment Programme included several ongoing projects, as well as perspective of future activities, although the main focus was on European Conference, which – after the 2021 digital interlude – will be hosted again in presence this year, as customary within the premises of Politecnico di Milano, on 8 – 9 June 2023. During the meeting with UNEP OzonAction, the discussion was also strongly oriented towards the evolution of the Refrigerant Driving License (which establishes the minimum requirements for the correct and safe handling of refrigerants in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment) and on the creation of a joint UNEP-AREA manual dedicated to “Refrigerant Management and Servicing Practices“.

Meeting with IIF-IIR: Didier Coulomb, Marco Buoni

Marco Buoni then moved to the offices of the International Institute for Refrigeration (IIF-IIR), where he had the opportunity to interview its Director General, Didier Coulomb, to gather precious insights on his recent commitments at MOP34 at COP27: the complete interview will be available in February on Industria & Formazione.

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