19th UNEP-IIR-AREA-CSG European Conference: UPDATED programme announced!

Hybrid event: on-site & on-line, limitless participation from every corner of the world. 190 countries invited.

In the wake of the striking success of its previous edition, the 19th European Conference on “The Latest Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” will take place on 10-11 June 2021; mixing on-site & on-line participation, the newly hybrid event will welcome -as customary- the global leading experts from UN Agencies, HVAC/R Associations, Institutions and industry, under the Auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Environment.

For the first time ever, allowing for both in-person and on-line participation and networking, the #EUConfRAC will be joined by unlimited audience from every corner of the world, with representatives being invited from 190 countries. The attendees may choose up to one month in advance whether to be in class in Milan or participate remotely. Aiming to make the best of the international healthcare situation, the Technical Committee of the Conference has thus decided to restructure the event’s programme: in this way with five, shorter sessions that accommodate the various time zones, broad participation on a global scale is encouraged.

In the strive for the continuous improvement of the latest technological advances and solutions to tackle climate change, with an underlying focus on supporting the United Nations in reaching the renowned 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the 19th European Conference will be a unique learning and exchange opportunity for the entire HVAC&R sector, thanks to high-level presentations and lively debates. 

On June 10th, after a general introduction by the conference organizers, the first session’s speakers from the main RACHP Institutions and industry will present the latest technological solutions, with particular attention to new equipment and components that work with alternative refrigerants, in consideration of environmental protection and energy efficiency. The second session will follow, focusing on new low-GWP refrigerants, in light of the EU F-Gas Regulationupdate and energy saving.


The Conference will continue on June 11th with the third session, dedicated to developments on efficient and renewable cooling, followed by the fourth session about policy: the EU F-Gas Regulation review, international certifications and licenses and the worldwide HFCs phase-down.

Prior to the conclusions, the event will feature the final and most important fifth session on the cold chain, featuring an up-to-date debate on new control technologies, cold storages and refrigerated transport, including discussions on food and vaccines conservation led by the main international experts on this crucial topic.

Now more than ever, in this significant moment of global change and adaptation, the 19th European Conference will shed light on pivotal topics thanks to scientific presentations held by representativesof the major Associations and Institutions worldwide, together with leading industry representatives; thus, it will be a great opportunity for the attendees to engage in a relevant debate while deepening their professional knowledge all the while.