Centro Studi Galileo Organizes Training Sessions in Tunisia to Support HVAC/R Experts in Africa

Centro Studi Galileo, the leading training organization in the field of HVAC technologies, has recently organized two training sessions in Tunisia in collaboration with ANPE (Agence Nationale de Protection de l’Environnement) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). The training sessions were part of a Train the Trainers program, aimed at empowering HVAC/R African experts who will later share their knowledge with national technicians.

The two sessions were held from 20 to 22 February and from 8 to 10 March 2023 at the centre of excellence in Tunis. The training program included both practical and theoretical lessons, covering a range of topics related to HVAC/R systems such as design, installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency, with the goal of obtaining the F-Gas Certification.

The training was led by three CSG Expert Trainers: Luca Rollino, Said El Harch and Madi Sakandé, who is further the President of U-3ARC, the pan-african association that unites all the HVAC/R associations of the continent.

The training cooperation among CSG, UNIDO and ANPE has started back in 2015 and been going strong ever since: more than 200 trainers and technicians have already been certified and several institutes have been assessed. The program aims at educating at a high level a pool of experts who can later on share their knowledge and skills to other technicians and professionals in the African HVAC/R industry; the final goal is nevertheless improving the quality of HVAC/R systems and services in Africa, as well as the wellbeing conditions, contributing to the overall economic and social development.

The two training sessions in Tunisia were a success, with positive feedback from the participants and positive passing rates of the assessment. The practical training sessions, in particular, were highly appreciated, as they provided a much needed hands-on experience.

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The two upcoming training sessions, scheduled in May, will be yet another great opportunity to confirm the commitment of CSG, UNIDO and ANPE on capacity building of the region.