XX European Conference: video and proceedings are now avaiable!

On 8 and 9 June, the 20th European Conference on the latest technologies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, now in its 40th year, was held at Politecnico di Milano.

Organised by Centro Studi Galileo in cooperation with the United Nations – UNEP and the International Institute of Refrigeration of Paris, as well as AREA, ATF and REI, the conference was attended by the world’s leading experts in the HVACR field: today, the conference proceedings are available for purchase.

The documentation includes: conference kit with the conference proceedings in PDF format of all speakers (including the 43 technical papers), PowerPoint presentations of the speakers and video recording of the entire conference (approx. 12 hours).

Proceedings and registrations can be purchased on the Galileo-Online platform: once registered, simply click on the category Conferences and then on XX European Conference – Latest technologies in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps to complete your purchase.

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