New Training Centre in Albania, thanks to  Barleti University

The National Ozone Unit, in cooperation with “Centro Studi Galileo” and “Barleti” University organized “Training of Technicians on F-gases” on June 27 – 30, 2023, in Tirana.

“Centro Studi Galileo” is the most authoritative Training Center in Italy and is considered one of the first in Europe and in the world for training and information activities in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and renewable energy sectors. The activity was organized under the direction of UNEP in the implementation of “HPMP Stage II, Tranche 1″.

In this Training, 15 technicians from the refrigeration and air conditioning sector took part. All of them after the successful completion of the Test, were provided with “EU Certificates on F-gases”. The training was organized over four days – during the first three days, the technicians received theoretical and practical knowledge from international and national trainers. While on the fourth day, the techniques were tested by Mr. Marco Buoni, Executive Director of CSG.

Jetmir Murataj, one of the participants, expressed satisfaction with the results achieved: “Marco Buoni, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get certified.Thank you for organising for the first time a training and certification of technicians in Albania. I hope it will not be the last. It was a pleasure working with you!”