Galileo Master Certificate

La consociata inglese del Centro Studi Galileo, European Centre of Technology ECT Lancia il Certificato riconosciuto globalmente “Galileo Master Certificate” 

Galileo Master Certificate Review
As an internationally recognised Certificate for the Engineering, Management and Finance and Renewable Energy sectors, the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) has a strict review process for every GMC course. The GMC review team assure that the high standards of a GMC course are maintained by evaluating three main elements: course content, delivery, and industry requirements.

Quality content is an essential factor of every GMC course. In a GMC course review, the Quality Team carefully inspects the facts and figures to guarantee these are correct and up to date. Care is also given to checking whether the course content is all relevant to the subject. Additionally, in a GMC review, the Quality Team consult with Experts to ensure that the material reflects the most cutting-edge information.
The GMC review collects the feedback and comments of past achievers of the Galileo Master Certificate. Once they have analysed their feedback, the GMC Team updates the courses accordingly to ensure the training is engaging for the attendees.

The GMC Quality Team ensures that courses are delivered to the participants in a clear and coherent manner, in order for attendees to get the full benefit from the information given. To ensure quality of communication, GMC courses use Expert Lecturers who are leaders in their given field and who also have extensive teaching experience.
As well as reviewing teaching style, a Galileo Master Certificate Review looks at the other methods of communication included in a course, including the course materials and resources to make sure these are informative to the participants.

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Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) courses have been attended by representatives from many major organisations including the World Bank, the United Nations, the Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Energy, to name a few.
The course subjects selected by the Quality Team and confirmed by Galileo Master Certificate Review are assured to be relevant to their given industry in a global context. Subsequently, individuals from all backgrounds join GMC courses with the confidence that their studies will assist their professional development or organisational needs.

Funding, grants and scholarships are allocated to certain training courses annually by the Galileo Project to assist the professional needs of individuals. This year’s funding has now been distributed across the GMC courses – please enquire to for any more information on funding availability for GMC courses.

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