During the last October AREA took part in the Chillventa exhibition with a resounding success. The agenda of commitments opened on October 12th with a conference within the Forum, which resulted in a full-house: numerous participants attended with interest the seminar “The future of RAC training and certification in the EU”, featuring by some of the leading experts in the sector: Coen van de Sande (AREA President), Ayman Eltalouny (UNEP), Marco Buoni (AREA Former President and Head of International Affairs), Marco Oldrati (Assofrigoristi), Harald Erös (ÖGKT) and Madi Sakandé (U-3ARC).

In addition to AREA’s proposals on the future revision of the F-Gas Regulation, the talk featured discussions on how enhancing training and certification – also focusing on alternative and natural refrigerants – of Technicians could help achieve the objectives of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, as well as the very close relationship between the European and African RAC Associations – AREA & U-3ARC. The event was also an opportunity to distribute as a preview the first copies of the latest international number of Industria & Formazione – the 2022-23 International Special Issue, published in collaboration among UNEP-IIR-AREA-CSG.

In the evening of the same day AREA, together with EPEE and ASERCOM, hosted a much-appreciated cocktail reception for the numerous visitors to conclude the busy day at the fair with a chat among colleagues.

AREA’s impact on Chillventa also continued on the third and last day of the event, when it took part in the “Networking for better engagement” panel of INWIC – International Woman in Cooling Network, in collaboration between the World Refrigeration Day, the United Nations – UNEP, AREA and the main international HVACR Institutions, which framed and highlighted the current situation of female employment within the sector. The panel session, “How Cooling Partners Can Make a Change”, featured as speakers Ina Colombo (International Institute of Refrigeration), Silvia Romanò (Associazione Tecnici del Freddo – Italy for AREA) and Colleen Keyworth (Women in HVAC&R).