Refrigeration is the Future: less than two days until the 19th European Conference UNEP-IIR-AREA-CSG

190 countries will virtually meet up at the Politecnico of Milan: focus on vaccines, ecological transition, latest technologies, European and international regulations, African development and the cold chain.

  • United Nations Environment Programme – OzonAction has invited leading experts and authorities globally.
  • The European Commission DG Clima will shed light on the regulation and the reduction of high GWP fluorinated refrigerant gases.
  • Historic Memorandum of Understanding between Europe and Africa, to promote the country’s development.
UN Environment Programme’s speech at the 18th EU Conference in 2019

Politecnico of Milan, 7/6/2021 – For over 40 years, Centro Studi Galileo’s European Conference, developed in collaboration with the United Nations, has been the most important event in the HVAC/R sector (refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning). On 10 and 11 June 2021, dozens of leading industry experts from all over the world will take part in the event, which will take place live from the Polytechnic University of Milan and will thus be available in streaming in over 190 countries.

The Conference, divided into five thematic sessions, is jointly organized in collaboration among the United Nations – UNEP, Centro Studi Galileo (the major reference for training in the RAC sector), the IIF-IIR (International Institute for Refrigeration), AREA (Air conditioning and Refrigeration European Association), ATF (Italian Association of RAC Technicians) and REI (Renewable Energy Institute).

The past year 2020 has clearly shown the absolutely crucial role of refrigeration in our lives: the cold chain has been absolutely fundamental not only to ensure the continuity of essential services (supermarkets, pharmacies and datacentres among others), but also for what has been – and still is – the most crucial phase in the fight against the pandemic: the distribution of vaccines on a global scale, especially those that need to be stored at -80 ° C.

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The 19th European Conference will also mark a historic step towards tighter relations between Europe and Africa: AREA President Marco Buoni (also Director General of Centro Studi Galileo and Secretary General of the ATF Association) and U-3ARC President Madi Sakandé will sign a close collaboration agreement, i.e. a Memorandum of Understanding, that is going to bring the two associations even closer. The two Associations, that group together EU’s and Africa’s national HVAC/R Associations, will symbolically join during the second day of the Conference, on Friday 11 June. The MoU will guarantee the exchange of skills and resources, focusing on training and capacity building of the human capital, aiming at strengthening the African economy, strongly encouraged by the United Nations.

In the congress’ five sessions, much will be learned about the green evolution of the HVAC/R sector: the new European Regulation will in fact guarantee an efficient transition towards refrigerant gases that are less harmful to the environment; to reach this goal, it will be necessary to invest not only in technological innovation and energy saving (RAC uses up to almost half of the total electricity consumption worldwide), but also on the consequent training and certification of the Technicians.

The programme of the five sessions:

First Session | Technologies; equipment and components. New components & equipment with alternative refrigerants, considering their energy efficiency and environmental issues, results and updates.

Second Session | F-Gas and Refrigerants. New refrigerants and future perspectives, in reference to the f-gas regulation and energy saving.

Third Session | Green Cooling and Energy Efficiency. European Green Deal, ecodesign. Energy efficiency in plants. Heat pumps, cooling with absorption and adsorption plants. Renewable energy and chemistry in air conditioning and refrigeration. Evaporative cooling, district cooling and magnetic cooling. Mobile air conditioning.

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Fourth Session | Regulations & Certifications Globally. Policy: global f-gas phase down and eu regulation review, training and certification.

Fifth Session | The Cold Chain. The cold chain, food and vaccines distribution and conservation, cold storage and transport, controls and data loggers.

The appointment is therefore set for 10 and 11 June, at the Politecnico of Milan
and live streaming: more information at